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We also carry a fine selection of Neupert harpsichords,
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  Composers, artists, and music lovers alike have sought out Blüthner pianos for 160 years. The Blüthner family still today maintains their unique qualities. In the words of the well known pianist, composer, and Blüthner model II owner, Roger Kellaway:

I chose the Blüthner for the following reasons:

Its warmth.

Its remarkable versatility of ‘dynamic’ range throughout the entire keyboard.

The wonderful eveness of the action.

The ‘singing’ quality of the upper register. The piano sings throughout the keyboard, but in the last upper two octaves, where most pianos are a disappointment to me, the Blüthner takes its well-deserved bow!

The excellence and the obvious patience of expert craftsmanship.

The response to any style of music - classical, jazz, pop, rock’n’roll, folk music, avant-guarde, etc.

The ‘orchestral’ quality of the Blüthner which is so necessary for me as a pianist and as a composer.

Since August, 1963, when we imported the first new Blüthner grand piano from Leipzig to Pasadena, California, it has been the pleasure and mission of our family business to place fine Blüthner pianos in homes, colleges and universities, with music lovers, professional musicians, and recording artists.

Whenever the special qualities of the Blüthner are desired, the Kasimoff Piano Company provides pianos for recitals, chamber music, opera performances, etc.

Many Blüthners grand pianos have been restored in our workshop such as those owned by Jerome Kern (1922), Prince Esterharzy (1903), and King Johann of Saxony (1860). Our advice is regularly sought after in all matters regarding Blüthner pianos and European brands in general.

At all times we have no less than 15 Blüthner grand pianos in our showroom. Aside from Blüthner, Haessler and Irmler pianos, we do not represent any other makes of pianos.

The Kasimoff Piano Company also serves the early music community with our 48 years of representation of Neupert harpsichords and forte pianos from Bamberg, Germany. We also have Schiedmayer celestas and Henle editions.

We invite you to contact us or visit our showroom where you can begin your own conversation with a Blüthner today!

Our Policy:
"We do not pay Secret Commissions to Teachers"

"The warmest sound in the City of Angels" How Helga Kasimoff kept the Blüthner pianoforte legend alive in America through tumultuous times - By Uwe Siemon-Netto

“...one doesn’t play on a Blüthner - one speaks to it, and it speaks back. (And I only hope I can hold up my end of the conversation...)”

David Hyde Pierce
owner of model II
and VI Blüthners

The Blüthner is the best piano in the world, if my opinion counts for anything.
Max Steiner,
To the indispensable Kasimoffs...
Jay Rubanoff,
Los Angeles Philharmonic
Orchestra Manager
When Kasimoff left Pasadena they left a void
Daniel Lewis,
Conductor of the USC Symphony, Pasadena Symphony
With the deepest gratitude for many years of remarkable collaboration.
Neville Mariner and Molly
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